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If you haven't put pen to paper yet, and you're staring at the empty pages of your journal wondering 'now what?', then this is the course for you! 

Come along and I'll take you step by step through the basic original bullet journal system. I'll help you create very simple spreads, and I'll show you how this system works. All you need to start in one place.

After bullet journaling for more than 3 years now, I know I can help you start your own bullet journal adventure.

You'll get an email every day for 5 days that will include:

  • A step by step guide that takes you through the basic spreads

  • Examples of each spread

  • Action Steps, so that you actually start creating the first pages in your bullet journal

  • Resources to help you dive even deeper to the system

  • Bonus Material and advice to help you continue using the system after the 5 days.

  • Access to the Resources Library

Did I mention it's FREE? Yup, it's a no-brainer!

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"Thank you for helping me set up my bullet journal! The truth is I was so excited by all these designs and drawings I saw in your Instagram and I thought I could never make it, but even though I haven't really made any good-looking drawing, you helped me step by step to make a pretty, well organised journal that helps me a lot in my everyday life. You suggest small steps everyday that make planning easy to everyone! Thank you again and I really hope you continue all that great job!" - Antonia

"Thank you so much for this comprehensive but not-at-all-overwhelming course! I enjoyed it loads! I started on my bullet journal early this year, but I somehow couldnt follow through, probably because I was spending too much time on it to beautify it rather than using it to plan stuff. So eventually I thought it took up way too much time and I stopped.
However, I still wanted very much to use the system, seriously. So here I am, and boy, now that I realise I can do it without spending too much time on it, I cant wait to start again! I enjoyed the course very much, and it was straight to the point and simple yet detailed. I LOVE YOUR PRINTABLES SO MUCH! Pls include more :) Glad I signed up! Will definitely recommend it!" - Karen

I would like to thank you for your free email series on bullet journaling! I decided to plan next year in a bullet journal, because I couldn´t find a suitable planner, where I could write everything I needed. But I didn´t really know, where to start and how to make it work. Your series helped me a lot to think everything through and to START! So far I have made a few collections spreads, index and the year overview. At the end of december I will make my first planning spreads for January, which I am very exited about. Your series is clearly written and easy to follow. I gained a lot of practical examples, which I really appriciated. I will definitely get back to the examples of spreads to inspire myself. I recommend this series to every new bullet journalist! - Petra

My biggest struggle to set up my Bullet Journal was to decide where to start and how! I was overwhelmed with so much information everywhere and so many ideas that other people were sharing, that I wasn’t sure how to make it and I did want to have a way to organize myself. When I found the Free Email Series from Christina I was able to understand how to start, using the basics and then improving with more complex spreads. I would definitely recommend it because it is focused on the basics so you can start! And that’s the most important, to start. Then we can add new things with the time and after understanding what more you need.- Marta