Going on Vacation with your Bullet Journal

Going on Vacation with your Bullet Journal - www.christina77star.net

In today's blog post I'll show you how you can use your bullet journal while you're on vacation. I love the many uses a bullet journal has, and that each person can adjust it to his/hers lifestyle and circumstances.

So, while you're on vacation, you can create the pages and collections that you want. It's also so practical, because you have everything in one place and you take it with you as well!

Packing List

So, the first thing you can add to your bullet journal is the packing list. And the best thing about it is that you have it with you. So, after your vacation is over and you're packing to leave you can double check that you've taken everything and nothing is left behind! (I know I've done my fair share of forgotten items in hotel rooms, from my bathing suit to my phone!!! 😬)

You also have it archived in your bullet journal to use for any other trip you may have, without having to create another one.

Going on Vacation with your Bullet Journal - Packing List

I've also created a Packing List for a Summer Vacation Printable for anyone that's interested. It's my go to list and I love how practical it is. 

Going on Vacation with your Bullet Journal - Packing List Printable

If you prefer not to write your packing list in your Bullet Journal, or if you prefer to have it on a piece of paper like that, then this list is for you ;)

I tried to include everything I could think of that someone might need for their summer holidays. But I also left space under each category so that you can add any missing items you wish to take with you. There is also  a 'Before I Leave' space, as well as a space for Notes.

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You can create a map of the country or the place you're going to. That's perfect if you're planning a road trip, so that you can document all the places you visit.

Going on Vacation with your Bullet Journal - Map

You can also have a map in your bullet journal where you add all the places you've already been, and keep on adding every time you go to a new one.


Having all the information about your trip in one place is such a good idea. That way you won't forget anything and you can just check on one page for everything you need!


You can use your bullet journal to pre-plan your trip or to note down interesting things you've found for that place you're going to visit.

Going on Vacation with your bullet journal - planning

You can add beaches, museums etc. that you'd like to check out while you're there, type of foods you'd like to try or restaurants that people might have recommended, and so on.


I believe journaling is a must when you are on holidays. I always like to journal while I'm on vacation. It relaxes me and at the same time I keep all the memories I want in my notebook. My bullet journal lets me to be as creative as I want and I love it!

Going on Vacation with your Bullet Journal

I decided to use the dutch door system in my latest vacation trip. I wanted to document my days during our holidays, but I also wanted to have certain information and sections at hand. It worked perfectly for what I wanted to do, and I’m really happy with the result!

So, these are a few ways you can use your bullet journal while you're on vacation. 

Do you use your bullet journal while you're on vacation? What other pages or spreads do you create in it?