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6 Different Ways to Future Plan with Your Bullet Journal

6 Different Ways to Future Plan with Your Bullet Journal

In a conventional planner there is usually a yearly calendar set up, where you can plan and schedule things. However, when starting a bullet journal all you have in front of you are empty pages, and that can be very intimidating for some. A lot of people are puzzled on how to future plan with a bullet journal, while others are worried that the system is not going to work, and that this will have as a result them missing important appointments and events.

Goal Setting Program - 10-Step Formula to Achieve your Goals

I'm on a mission to achieve as many goals as I can before 2016 (take a look at my post '17 before 2017') and I'm already planning ahead for 2017 (with 'Your Best Year 2017' by Lisa Jacobs). Therefore, I'm always looking for ways, formulas and techiniques that will bring me closer to my dreams. While I was reading Edwene Gaines' book 'The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity', I came across her 10-step formula for successful achievement, that I'd like to share with you today.

Talking about the 10-step formula that helps you achieve your goals by Edwene Gaines. - www.christina77star.co.uk

Those 10 Steps are as follows:

  1. In a notebook dedicated to your goal setting programme, write down all of your desires, no matter how large or small. 
  2. Choose your most important desires and list them in order of importance to you. Be very specific.
  3. Consider what changes you might need to make in order to achieve your goals.
  4. Choose the date by which you desire to achieve each goal.
  5. Read your list of goals at least three times every morning and every night.
  6. Imagine yourself achieving each goal.
  7. Act as if you have already achieved your goals. Believe that you receive.
  8. Don't tell others. Keep your goals private.
  9. Cross off the goals as they are achieved and continue to add new ones.
  10. Remember, the Universe's highest law is LOVE.

I had some issues with #8 of the list. For me it's important to share your goals and dreams with your family, friends and the people you love. But that's exactly what Edwene Gaines means. She mentions that you can share your goals with people that you can trust and who are going to encourage and support you. But you should not tell the people that might judge you, discourage you and make you doubt yourself.

'Desire is the onward impulse of the ever evolving soul.'

                                                                                                                              Charles Fillmore

Even though I've heard or read all of the above at some point in my life, putting everything in a list with strategic steps makes it easier for me to take action. And even though I've been writing my goals and I tried to visualise them from time to time, I've just left it at that and expected things to just happen! Well not any more! Now I'm planning for the future taking conscious and deliberate steps towards my goals. 

What is your winning formula for achieving your goals? Have you tried any of the above?

Future Log for your Bullet Journal

Showing you a new method for future planning with your bullet journal - www.christina77star.co.uk

For the past few months I've been using a new method for my future planning that - dare I say it - I prefer it from the Calendex method (shocking I know!!!). I saw it in Veronika's Instagram account and I knew straight away that I've finally found the perfect Future Log for me!!

Showing you a new method for future planning with your bullet journal - www.christina77star.co.uk

It's a combination of Ryder Carroll's Future Log and Alastair's Method. Basically, you write down the monthly tables for the next 6 months on the top of the page. I started from July, since that's when I started using this technique, but of course you can start any time you want. Underneath the month tables, on each page you then create one long table. The first 3 columns are one for each month and are titled with the first letter of the month. That's where you write the date that refers to that spefic month for each event you want to note down. Then you create a column for the event/appointment with all the information, and another one for the exact time of the event. Lastly, you create a small column in the end, where you can tick off any events/appointments that have already taken place. Of course you can add any other columns that might help you with your future planning.

Showing you a new method for future planning with your bullet journal - www.christina77star.co.uk

Once you've done that, you can then go ahead and add all your appointments/events to this table. Everytime you have a new event planed for the future, you can go straight to this page and add it with all the information needed. You can also create a colour code for each type of events, like I did, and mark them on the monthly tables on the top of the page. That way you can see straight away what you've got planned for the month. Genius!

What I really like about this method, is that everything is in one page. You don't have to go back and forth to different pages to see what's planned. And also you have 6 months at a time to plan ahead. Perfect!

Make sure you check out Veronika's Etsy Store where you can download this Future Log method. Also don't forget to check her website as well.

I'm so glad that I've found this future planning method, because it has really helped with the way I plan ahead. If you want more information on all the other methods you can use for your bullet journal, then you can check my post on future planning. Which method is your favourite?