Bullet Journal: My October Set Up

My October Set Up in my Bullet Journal

September has been a very productive month full of new beginnings and focus on new projects. My trusty bullet journal was there to help me plan everything as usual. Last month's set up worked pretty well, and therefore you'll see that I've kept a lot of the spreads almost the same. So, let's get started!

Sharing with you my October Set Up in my bullet journal

For the front page of this month, I chose one of the designs I've created in my Etsy Store. It's again the little penguin trying to scare us with his toy spider, with a Halloween theme. It took me no time to print it on a sticker paper and add it on the page. Of course, this printable is for 2018 but I really wanted to use it this month, so all I did was to change the days at the top to start from a Sunday. Simple! :)

I had so much fun creating these designs and you can find the whole Printable Calendar Kit for 2018 in my Etsy Store. 

Monthly Goals - October set up in my bullet journal

The next page is my Monthly Goals page. I didn't change anything from last month apart from the way the boxes look. I wanted it to look like a  noticeboard where I stick everything I need to remember to do this month, as well as all the things I need to do in November. I really like the way it turned out - it looks fun and colourful!

October month at a glance calendar - Bullet journal set up

Next comes my Month at a Glance spread. It's the same one like last month, since I prefer this layout better. And I'm happy to report that I managed to write the correct month this time! (unlike last month!) 

Brain Dump spread - October set up in my bullet journal

Next up is my Brain Dump Spread, that's pretty much a regular in every monthly set up. As I've mentioned before, I think everyone should have a page like this in their monthly set up, where they can write anything they need to remember without creating a whole separate spread for it. This time I decided to turn it into a notebook drawing, which I think looks pretty cool. :) 

Gratitude Jar - September Set Up in my Bullet Journal.jpg

The next spread is the one I started last month. It is my gratitude page, but with a twist. It's called the 'Gratitude Jar', and I saw this idea in Tracey's website. It's a different way of keeping a gratitude journal. Above you can see how my September one turned out. Even though it's note finished yet, I LOVE the way it looks and how I can still see all the things I've been grateful for this month!

Gratitude Jar Printable

I've created a printable version of the jar that is available in the Resources Library. So, to make my life easier I just printed it on sticker paper and used the scissors to cut at the lines.

Then I stuck it on the page of my bullet journal and added some colour as well. 

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Workout Log - October set up in my Bullet Journal

Then comes my Workout Log spread. It helps me so much and motivates me to see how I've done during the whole month! My goal is to exercise 4-5 days per week, and this spread helps me to stay on track. :)

Weekly Spread - October set up in my bullet journal

I've decided to use an old layout for my weekly spread. This is one of the very first weeklies I created in my bullet journal and I love the simplicity and the organisation of it. 

So, this is another month set up in my lovely bullet journal. I can't wait to see all the good things that October is going to bring into my life :)

Wishing everyone a very happy and productive October!

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