Bullet Journal: My September Set Up


Hello there! 

I'm finally back from my summer vacations! I had such a nice time in Greece, saw my family and friends and spent lots of time by the sea. But now I'm back, and I'm ready to plan the rest of the year and finish as many projects as possible. I've already set up my bullet journal for September with a few new additions that I'd like to share with you. So, let's get started!

Hello September with Penguin - Bullet Journal.jpg

On the first page of my September set up we find the little penguin, who is ready to go back to school! 

September Goals and To Do List.jpg

Moving on, the next page has my goals and to-do list for the month. This is one of my most useful and functional pages. This month I'm going to focus on me, my kids, my blog and my home (that needs some TLC for sure!). This page helps me focus and not forget to finish the things I need to do during the month. The 'Next Month' Section at the bottom is very helpful as well, because I write down everything I want to remember to do for next month.

September Calendar.jpg

I've decided to use this format for my month at a glance calendar. I find that my brain works better when I have things laid out this way in front of me. And, yes I know..... it's not October....! I almost cried when I finished it and realised my mistake... But what can you do? 

September Calendar - Oops mistake.jpg

The next page is spread that Wendy mentioned in the comments in last month's set up post.

I did it list.jpg

This spread is titled 'I did it'. As Wendy mentions in her comment, this is a spread  'where each day I jot down something I accomplished that was maybe a challenge or out of my comfort zone--anything from standing up for myself to baking a pie'. I loved the idea of this page so much, that I've decided to include it in this month's set up. I'm a very shy and insecure person, and I very rarely do things out of my comfort zone. So, I hope that this page will push me to be a bit more daring!

Gratitude Jar.jpg

The next page is my gratitude page, but with a twist. It's called the 'Gratitude Jar', and I saw this idea in Tracey's website. It's a different way of keeping a gratitude journal and I love the way the page turned out. I'm also currently reading 'Thank and Grow Rich' by Pam Grout, which is very relevant to this page. :)

Brain Dump.jpg

The monthly Brain Dump page is a life saviour! I literally dump anything there, from notes to post-its...! This will definitely be a repeated monthly page for sure.

Workout Log.jpg

Also, my Workout Log page worked out perfectly last month, so I decided to keep the same format this month too. I love that I can see at a glance how many days I've exercised during the month, and what I did on each one :)

Weekly Spread.jpg

The last spread is my weekly spread. I've decided to use this colourful layout, because it's very functional and easy to do :)

So, there you have it. One more month is set up in my Bullet Journal. What new spreads have you implemented in this month's set up? Which spreads to you use repeatedly each month? Let me know in the comments below.

I wish everyone has a wonderful and very productive September :)

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