How to deal with Mistakes in your Bullet Journal #2

How to deal with mistakes in your Bullet Journal

Since I started bullet journaling almost 2 years ago, I’ve made LOOOOOADS of mistakes! Don’t think that from all the amazing pictures you see on social media, that everyone else has the perfect bullet journal apart from you. No. Not even close! 

I have to say that in the beginning it was very hard for me to deal with my mistakes. Especially when you start something new, and you have a brand new journal that you want to make perfect, even the tiniest mistake can make you feel that you need to rip out the page completely. Which is always an option, but I prefer to find other ways to fix and cover up my mistakes.

I have another blog post on how to cover up your mistakes if you care to check it out here. And this is the #2 post I’ll dedicate on this subject. So, let’s dive in!

For little mistakes, like small lines around the letters, or lines that you didn’t measure correctly and you drew a bit out of size, you can use a white gel pen. This will offer you a more precise correction around those small areas that need fixing.

Black it out. Cover the mistake with a black pen and write over it with a white gel pen. You can also use black washi tape instead if you want.

Create some mini drawings on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and stick it on top of your boo boo. That’s a fun way to cover up your mistakes.

For big mistakes, use some scrap paper to cover the whole page with it. You simply measure the size of the page, cut the paper and use some glue tape to stick it on the page. 

You can also find cute quotes on line like the one I created in the picture above, print them on sticker paper, cut to size and stick directly on your page.

You can now download this quote for FREE and add it in your bullet journal. You simply print it on a sticker paper and stick it on the page that you've made a mistake on. You can also print it on normal paper and add it in you journal with some glue tape.


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Jolene Eborn

Jolene Eborn

You can also use the page to create a collage with various images and scrapbooking supplies that will totally cover up your mistakes.

If nothing of the above works, simply glue the pages together and start fresh :)

How do you deal with your mistakes in your bullet journal? Please share in the comments below.