Vertical Dutch Door Ideas for your Bullet Journal

Vertical Dutch Door Ideas for your Bullet Journal

I’ve already talked about the dutch door system for your bullet journal in this blog post I wrote back in August last year. It’s one of my favourite ways to create weekly spreads, because it allows you to see multiple days/sections at a glance. 

For those that don’t know of the term, the ‘dutch door’ system is a way of creating a weekly spread in your bullet journal, where part of the page remains stationary and the other part is normal, and you can turn the pages as usual. This system can be applied horizontally or vertically. In today’s post, I’ll focus on the vertical option.

I decided to use the dutch door system in my latest vacation trip. I wanted to document my days during our holidays, but I also wanted to have certain information and sections at hand. It worked perfectly for what I wanted to do, and I’m really happy with the result!

With this layout, I managed to have all the information I needed for my holidays as well as the plans I've made for those days, at the same place I was doing my journaling for each of those six days. I could flip the middle page to the section I wanted to look at, without having to go back and forth various pages. 

The reason I like the vertical version of the dutch door system is also because you don't have to cut any pages of your precious journal. And I know that this prevents a lot of people from even trying to use that system. But with the vertical one, you only have to fold the middle page in the middle and add anything you want in the sections that are created. Also, after you finish using that spread, you can lay the middle page flat open, so that it doesn't disturb your writing in the other pages. Perfect!

In order for you to get more inspired, I'll share with you some examples of the vertical dutch door system by some amazing bullet journalists.

You can use the dutch door for your weeklies:

You can also use the vertical dutch door system to plan your monthly spreads:

I really love how functional this system is and I'll be using it more often from now on. Have you tried the vertical dutch door system? If you have make sure you share with us in the comments below ;)