Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas (digital)


Christmas shopping can be a nightmare. I know. I’ve been there too many times. 

You start in November thinking, organising and planning, promising yourself that this year it'll be different. That you’ll manage and finish buying all the presents on time. But for some inexplicable reason, you find yourself on the 23rd of December still not having all the Christmas shopping done.

If you still haven’t crossed off everyone on your list—or maybe you just realised that you forgot aunt Becky’s xmas present—there’s still time to get something for them. 

At times like this digital products can be a life saviour! 

Amazon e-Gift Cards

A lot of people might think that gift cards are kind of the easy way out, but when you’ve run out of time, it becomes the perfect solution! The amazing thing with Amazon is that they can choose from millions of items storewide and there’s no expiration. 

Amazon xmas e-gift card.png

They also have some cool features, where you can send an animated e-gift card or you can even use your own photo to personalise it. 

Click here for more info.

You can click here and shop my favourite Bullet JournalingWriting and Drawing goodies. All these can make really nice presents or stocking stuffers!

Kindle book

You can purchase a book as a gift to anyone, as long as you know their email address. This is the perfect solution for book lovers. I would personally love for someone to buy me a series that I was planning to read.

To see exactly how to do this, follow this link.


Etsy is an amazing market place where you can find almost everything you need. In this case, that you need a gift as soon as possible, your best bet will be the printables. 

You can find anything from art, to wedding planners, stickers and handwriting guides


Just take a look around and I’m sure that you’ll find something that will put a smile to the person you’re buying the gift for.


E-courses are the new in thing and can make a pretty cool gift. So, if you know that someone is interested in learning something, you can buy a course for them in a matter of minutes.

One of the best places to look for is Udemy, where you can find courses almost about anything, from photography and personal development to drawing and health and fitness. 

In order to see how to give a course from Udemy as a gift, click here.

Brush Letter Practice Guide

Learn how to brush letter like a pro. Click here for more information.

I hope the above ideas help you to find the perfect gift, even at the last minute. If you have any other last minute xmas gift ideas that might help someone else, please leave a comment below.

Happy Holidays!