6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal (+ video)

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal

I love when December comes because apart from my normal monthly spreads I get to play around and create my Christmas spreads as well in my bullet journal. Today I'm going to show you the 6 spreads I've created for Xmas this year. 

Make sure to scroll down and watch the video as well, where I show you step-by-step how I created each one. 

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal - Christmas To Do List

The first spread is a Christmas To-Do List. I did a similar one last year and I really enjoyed crossing off all the things as I was doing them with my kids. It's more like a family tradition now. And since one of the most important things for my kids every Christmas is the hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, I had to create a drawing about that!

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal - Christmas Cards

The next spread is a very important one, and that is the Christmas Cards List. I always make a list of the cards we need to send to the people we love. Especially since we moved to Cyprus, is very important to me to send cards to our families in Greece and in the UK. I didn't want to create a two pages for this, so even though you can see 5 envelopes, each line represents one card. I chose the little penguin for this spread's drawing and I love how cute he looks!

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal - Christmas Wishes

The next spread is connected with the Christmas Cards one. It's actually a list with Christmas Wishes that you can write in the cards. Sometimes I like to have some inspiration, so that I don't write the same thing in all the cards! I have some other similar lists written in other notebooks as well, so it's nice to have them around when it's time to write 20 or so Xmas Cards!

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal - Christmas Presents

Moving to the next spread and possibly the most important one of all - The Presents! Since I'm doing most of my Xmas shopping for presents online, it's nice to have a list to write down my ideas and where I found them. It makes it easier to decide and also to see how much you spend and what presents. 

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal - Christmas Menu

Next comes the Christmas Menu spread. Since I'm hosting the Xmas lunch at our house this year, I wanted to create a spread in order to remember the menu and I love how it turned out. It looks like a restaurant menu! I'm already thinking of all the yummy food I want to create for that day.

6 Christmas Spreads for your Bullet Journal - Christmas Countdown

The last spread is a Christmas Countdown Page I created. I changed it up from what I had last year and instead of doodles I only added numbers in various fonts. Of course I've left it in pencil and I'm going to colour each day as I go along. I can't wait to see the finish page in the end!

Christmas is a celebration of love and joy, and it's always nice to create lovely memories with your family and your loved ones that you'll always remember. For me, that's one of the main reason for these spreads as well. 

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You can now watch the video to see exactly how I created each spread:

Have you added any Christmas spreads in your bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below.