Plan With Me: My Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for July 2019

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for July 2019 - Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and welcome back to another plan with me blog post!

I’m not going to lie. I’m really glad that June is almost over and I can’t wait for July to come! June is always a more busy month, but this year I found it really hard to keep up with all my tasks and to dos during the day. So, I’m ready for some vacations and some time off 😎

Also, did I mention that July is beginning on a Monday!!!???? 🤩 For some reason that always makes me happy!!! (Planner’s issues!!!)

In the beginning I was planning to create a different theme from the one I’ve chosen for July. But one of my Patrons (thank you Tracy!) contacted me with a theme idea that was too good to ignore. So, for July the theme is ‘Camping’.

(There won’t be a video for this month.)

Front Page - Camping Theme - Bullet Journal Plan with Me

I started drawing as usual in my bullet journal and I created the front page (as you can see above). However, I wasn’t happy with the way the colours were blending and I really wanted to create some camping themed stickers as well. So, in the end I decided to leave the monthly planning aside for some time and I focused on creating some cute camping illustrations on my iPad.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for July 2019 - Cover Page

I thought that they turned out so cute, that I wanted to use them in my bullet journal planning for July, instead of me drawing on the pages. It was actually nice to be able to finish the monthly planning in no more than 30 minutes, and I was really pleased with the result. So, as you can see above, I used the stickers to create my front page for July. By the way, I’ve always wanted to have a cute little caravan like this! And the little bear is really adorable!!!

You can now find the Camping Stickers in my Etsy Shop and add some cuteness in your bullet journal too. 😘

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for July 2019 - Monthly Layout Page

Next comes my Monthly Spread. I used my usual grid for the monthly layout and tried to use the space as much as possible for all the holiday planning. I’m using an A5 Dingbats Notebook (which is a bit wider than the other notebooks), so I managed to fit in all the squares in the pages. Each square is 7x7. I also added a to-do list on the left and some notes space on the right hand page. I chose to decorate it with a camp fire and a marshmallow! I also have a confession: I’ve never had s’mores before, so it’s definitely one of my to-dos for this summer!


I’ve also turned this spread into a printable that will be available to my Patrons in July. If you'd like to become a Patron too and get access to all the printables, then you can visit my Patreon page

Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for July 2019 - Weekly Spread

I also created the first weekly spread of the month. Isn’t it great that the month starts on a Monday!? It feels like everything is in order! I chose a vertical layout that I was using a lot before. I also separated each day in two different sections. You can use the top part to plan appointments, add your top 3 to-dos, add your daily gratitude, use it as a doodling space or plan your meals. It’s such a good weekly layout, with very good use of space of the page. Love it!

Weekly Spread - July 2019 Plan with me - Bullet Journal

Can I also mention here how cute this naughty racoon looks!!! And also those flies for some reason make me smile!!!

And that is my bullet journal monthly setup for July. I hope you liked it and that you’ve found some inspiration and ideas to setup your own. Let me know in the comments below what theme you’ve chosen for July.