Plan With Me: My Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for August 2019

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for August 2019 - Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and welcome back to another plan with me blog post!

July is almost over and I’m currently packing my suitcases (let me tell you I don’t travel light!!!😬) for Greece! I can’t wait to go back and see my family and friends. But also I can’t wait for some well deserved time off! This year so far has been amazing and I’m so, so grateful for everything. But it has also been a hard work and I’m ready for a break. But I have lots of new things planned for the rest of the year, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

For now, let’s focus on the August setup in my bullet journal. I am not going to lie, I just wanted to create something fun and easy, because I just didn’t have time to plan something more intricate. So, for my August setup, I decided to use some of my stickers to decorate my pages. And the theme for this month is ‘Ice Cream’ 🍦

(There won’t be a video for this month.)

Front Page - Ice Cream Theme - Bullet Journal Plan with Me - August 2019

I used three of the ice creams that are available in the sticker set and I wrote ‘August’ with big thick letters underneath. It took me only 5 minutes to create the front page and I really love how it turned out. Really cute, simple and yummy! 😋

I had so much fun creating those stickers for my shop, and I’m glad that I was able to use them for my Monthly Setup too. For the whole month I used the Ice Cream Die Cut stickers.


I’ve also used the same ice creams to create a printable card that will be available to my Patrons in August. If you'd like to become a Patron too and get access to all the printables, then you can visit my Patreon page

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for August 2019 - Monthly Layout Page

Next comes my Monthly Spread. I used my usual grid for the monthly layout and tried added lots of black details.Each square is 7x7. I also added two more ice creams from the sticker set to decorate it. Simple, and ready to be filled with lots of holiday planning ☺️

Ice Cream sticker - Square Lime Designs
Ice Cream Sticker - Square Lime Designs
Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for August 2019 - Weekly Spread 1

I also decided to create all the weekly spreads, for the time that I’ll be away, from now. Because, let’s be honest, I won’t have time to plan and decorate weekly spreads while on vacation. I want everything to be ready for me to fill it in with memories and lots of journaling (not a to-do list in sight!!!). I was inspired by the lovely soosanmoo and I decided to create a dutch door daily system for all my weekly spreads. So, all I had to do is cut 2 pages (as you can see in the picture) and add the days.

Weekly Spread 2 - August 2019 Plan with me - Bullet Journal

I added the days in a row without following a week per spread. That way I could add more days in the 5-page spread and cover all the time that I’ll be away for my holidays. I love this system, and I’ll definitely use it again.

Weekly Spread 3 - August 2019 Setup Bullet Journal

Each weekly spread is different with different shapes and layout, but I made sure to use black and white accents in all of them. And of course I had to use more ice cream stickers from my set to decorate it and tie it with the theme of the month. I’m really glad with the way it turned out and I’m ready now to plan and journal throughout my holidays. 😎

And that is my bullet journal monthly setup for August. I hope you liked it and that you’ve found some inspiration and ideas to setup your own. Let me know in the comments below what theme you’ve chosen for August.