Plan With Me: My Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for June 2019

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for June 2019 - Cover Page - Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone!

It’s already time for me to share with you my bullet journal monthly setup for June. All the layouts and spreads that I've chosen to use this month.

Finding a theme for each month’s setup in my bullet journal is not always easy. I like to find fun themes that I enjoy to create, but also themes that will give you some inspiration in order to plan your own monthly setup in your bullet journal. A lot of people ask me how I come up with my themes. The answer is very simple, really. I have a sketch book where I doodle all the time. I get my inspirition online (mainly from Pinterest), and I just doodle anything I want. Halfway through the month, when I start thinking about the theme for the month ahead, I just open my notebook and choose a theme (or design) that I like to recreate and start from there.

This month I’ve chosen a theme that makes me smile. And that is ‘Cute Couples’.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the post, because there's also a video, where I'm showing you exactly how I've created each spread.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for June 2019 - Cover Page

As always we start with the Cover Page of the month. I think that one of the most classic cute couples has to be ‘Cookies and Milk’. I love how this page turned out and these little guys put a smile on my face! ☺️ I used only my Tombow markers again for all my pages. You can check all the supplies that I’ve used, at the end of this blog post.

There are so many cute couples that you can add to this theme. And for the pages of my bullet journal I had to choose only a few to add. If you’d like to see more cute couples, you can check out the stickers that I've created for this theme in my Etsy Shop. Aren’t they adorable?

You can now find the Cute Couples stickers in my Etsy Shop and add some cuteness in your bullet journal too. 😘

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for June 2019 - Monthly Layout Page

Next comes my Monthly Spread. I decided to keep this layout very simple and I was inspired by the amazing Helen. I love the way she uses the space on the page and I decided to do the same. I also love that she keeps the space between each box smaller than usual.


I’ve also turned this spread into a printable that will be available to my Patrons in June. If you'd like to become a Patron too and get access to all the printables, then you can visit my Patreon page

We have a lot of things happening during June, so I need the space to plan things properly! School Exams for my boy, Primary School prom for my little girl, English finals for both of them. Plus lots of birthday parties! A very busy month for sure.

Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for June

Having those cute pancakes and syrup on the page will definitely make planning more fun! Another classic cute couple that I had to include in my bullet journal monthly layout for June.

Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for June 2019

On the next page I added something new. I’ve actually been using this layout for a while on a printable that I found from Annie Jeffrey. But this month, I decided to incorporate it in my bullet journal, so that I keep everything in one place. This is a Self Care Tracker. It’s similar with any other tracker, however instead of little boxes where you tick off everything you’ve done in the day, there are bigger boxes where you can add more information if you wish. For example, I can write what exercise I did during that day, or how many calories I burned. I can note down when I dyed my hair and if I used a skin care mask etc. I prefer this type of tracker because I have more information about everything I want to keep track of.

Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for June 2019 - Weekly Spread

Of course I had to add a cute couple at the bottom of the page to tie with the theme. Aren’t they adorable?

Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for June 2019 - Weekly Spread

And then move on to the first Weekly Spread of the month. This a new vertical layout that I am using. I got inspired by the lovely @lildots.bigplans. I love the concept to add the times on the side of the box. You can use this to actually plan appointments, or you can use it as a time tracker, where you track how you spend your time during the day by colour coding in categories. The space underneath can be used for your to-do list, for journaling, menu planning and so on. Such a good weekly layout, with very good use of space of the page. Love it!

In the video below, I’m also sharing how I fill in my weekly and monthly spread, so make sure to check it out 😉


And that is my bullet journal monthly setup for June. I hope you liked it and that you’ve found some inspiration and ideas to setup your own. Let me know in the comments below what theme you’ve chosen for June.