Plan With Me: My February 2019 Setup in my Bullet Journal

February 2019 - Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone!

February is just around the corner and that means of course that it’s time to plan our month in our bullet journal. I don’t know about you, but lately I tend to create less and less spreads in my bullet journal. I prefer to create only the ones that I like to use every month, and that help me with my productivity. For me simplicity is the key. So, I like to stay away from fancy layouts, trackers and all that.

For February I chose to use a theme that you might have seen in my Etsy shop. I love my little robots and I thought that February would be the perfect month to incorporate them into a theme for my bullet journal. So, let’s see the spreads that I’ve created in my bullet journal for February.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the post, because there's also a video, where I'm showing you exactly how I've created each spread.

February 2019 - Bullet Journal Setup

As always we start with the Cover Page of the month. I think the little robot is adorable and cute, and it puts a smile on my face every time I look at this page.

February 2019 - Bullet Journal Setup

I chose to use more grey and pastel pink and blue colours. As always you can find the list of all the supplies I’ve used at the end of this post.

February 2019 - Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Setup

It might surprise some of you, but I chose to not create a monthly spread this month!!! * gasp * I find that my monthly layout is a page that I rarely use during the month, and since I’m creating all my weekly spreads from the beginning of the month, I don’t really need it. Therefore, the first page after my cover page is my Notes (which, by the way, is my most used page of my monthly setup!). I’m using again the same layout with the grey lines and I’ve added one more cute robot at the bottom of the page.

Plan With Me - Bullet Journal Setup - February 2019

On the page opposite I added my Monthly Goals, which are separated in 4 categories: Me, Work, Relationships and Fun. I’m thinking of adding more categories to my goal planning, because I truly believe that the more specific and detailed you are when you plan things ahead, you get to achieve more goals and quicker.

Bullet Journal Setup - February 2019

And then we jump straight into my first Weekly Spread. As I mentioned above, I kept my setup really simple and minimal for this month, and I only added the most used pages. It’s nice to be creative and to add spreads and pages into your bullet journal. However, some months you just need to focus on more specific things, and any extras can be excluded from the setup that month.

Even the layout that I chose for my weekly spread is quite minimal with only that cute robot added to match the theme of the month.


And that is the February setup in my bullet journal. I hope you liked it and that you’ve found some inspiration. Let me know in the comments below what theme you’ve chosen for February.