Plan With Me | January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

I can't believe that 2017 is almost over! That's crazy! It has been such an amazing year for me, so I'm sad to see it go. But I'm ready for 2018 and all the good stuff it's going to bring :)

And since it's the end of the month, I have to set up my bullet journal for January. I'm really excited because I'm finally going to start using my lovely Scribbles That Matter notebook! Yay! I have a review on this notebook, if you want more information about it. 

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the post, because there's also a video, where I'm showing you exactly how I've created each spread.

So, back to my January planning, I start the month with the usual front page and I’ve added the January page from my 2018 calendar.

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

You can print and use it as normal calendar, but what I like to do is to print it on a sticker paper, cut it to size and add it straight on the page. I like to use a ruler to make sure the sticker goes on straight and that there's no bubbles.. 

You can find the 2018 Penguin Calendar in my Etsy shop

Moving on to the next spread which is my month at a glance. As I mentioned before, I prefer the grid layout so that's what I did again. 

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

I think it’s the first time that I decided to have a theme throughout the whole set up for the month. Usually I tend to add lots of colour and doodles, but nothing cohesive throughout the whole set up. So, this time I wanted to re-create the theme of winter houses and snow. 

Apart from being winter, obviously, we are also moving to a new house on the last week of January, so I wanted to create something that will remind me of the move as well. 

Again I’ve used the Tombow Dual Brush Markers as watercolours with my Pendel water brush. I decided to use bright colours, being inspired by a picture I saw online and I also used 2-3 shades of the same colour to create dimension. For the snow, I used some white acrylic paint and a very small dry brush. 

I also have a section on the right of the calendar for all the things/events I want to remember to do this month.

Moving on to the next page and the goals and general to-dos for the month.

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

I usually do a list with all the goals for 4 categories - personal, family, home, and work. I kept that layout on the left hand page, but on the other page I wanted to have a section for the things I need to remember to do for the old house and other things I need to remember for the new house. 

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

I decided to have the same theme with the winter houses on this spread too. However, in order to be relevant with the move as well, I added a car with lots of boxes on top of it. It even has a washing machine and our cat too! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but we have a cat. Her name is Lilly and she's included in the drawing as well.

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

I’m using the same technique like before and similar colours for the houses. But I didn’t add the sky colour so that I have more space to write on. 

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Because of the move I realised I needed more space to add things that I want to remember for the move, and therefore I created a spread for notes where I can add anything I want. I kept it minimal and instead of the houses I just added a wooden sign on top. 

Plan With Me - January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

The last spread is my very first weekly for 2018. Again the theme of the winter houses continues and I used a very basic layout that I tend to use a lot. It has all the space and sections I need and it can be very versatile. 

As you can see this month I didn’t add any gratitude log or any trackers because I know I’m going to be extra busy, so I won’t have time to do any of these things while I’m moving out.

You can watch the video as well to see exactly how I've created each spread:

So, this is my set up for January - short and sweet. Have you set up your bullet journal for January yet? Are you ready for the next year? Let me know in the comments below.

The warmest wishes to everyone for a wonderful New Year 2018! 

Hope to see you again next year!

Christina x