Bullet Journal: My July Setup

My July Set Up in my Bullet Journal

One more month is almost finished. I'm so excited that July is just around the corner, because we're going on vacation!!! Yay!!!! I really REALLY need some time off! I had some good and some bad news during the last month, with lots of ups and downs and I have to say that I'm in dire need of a break, to recharge my batteries and find balance both psychologically and physically. 

As you'll see, I haven't changed much during this month. I try to keep things simple and easy. So, let's jump right in!

As always, the little penguin makes his appearance in the first page of July. You can clearly see that he feels the same way like me and needs some vacations too!

Month at a glance 2 - July Setup in my Bullet Journal.jpg

I completely changed my month at a glance. Instead of a two-page calendar I opted for a one page one, where I separate my personal and work tasks/events with two columns. That way I can easily see what's happening and what I need to do, without mixing up things and confusing myself. 

The right-hand page is separated in the categories: tasks, goals and next month, with boxes. 

I've also included a mini calendar for August, because I want to prepare for some already scheduled events and pre-plan other things in advance.  I think that this monthly spread turned out pretty good, and it looks quite simple and functional. 

Last month, I decided to include a 'brain dump' page in every monthly set up. It really helped me focus and actually finish most of the tasks that I wrote on that page during June. So, since it worked so well, I brought it bac for this month too. ;)

I chose a simple layout for my gratitude page this month. Again I tried to keep it simple and functional.  

And lastly, I created my first weekly for July so that I'm prepared. I LOVE how the colours turned out and I can't wait to fill it in :)

So there you have it. That's how I set up July in my bullet journal. I can't wait to see how everyone else has set up their month in their bujo. Leave a comment below and tell me which spreads have you included in your July setup?