If I knew I wouldn't fail I would...

If I knew I wouldn't Fail I would...

Today's post is inspired by a post that Lisa from Market Your Creativity did a few years back.

Our fears can hold us back from doing the things we want. A lot of times we feel that we are not good enough or creative enough and therefore we are scared to unleash our potential. We constantly beat ourselves up, thinking that somehow we should be more, do more, be better, because we don’t measure up in our own mind.

I'm definitely one of those people that are constantly questioning themselves and their worth. I don't think I'm good enough (most of the times!), and even though I have many creative ideas, I'm scared of failure.

When I saw Lisa's post, I was instantly inspired to create a list in my bullet journal, where I'll write down all the things that I'd love to do but I hold myself back from. I didn't want to create a big list of things straight away. I wanted to give more thought to it, and treat it as a spread that I can go back to from time to time to either get inspired from, or to add more things to it. So, for the time being I've only added 3 things that I know I'd really love to do but I don't feel good enough.

If I knew I would not fail list in my bullet journal

So, if someone came to me and told me that I could do anything I wanted and it would definitely be a success, then I would...

  • Lead a live workshop on bullet journaling
  • Create a handwriting course
  • Become a freelance graphic designer

How about you? What would you do if you knew that failure is not an option? Please share in the comments below :)

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