The Advantages of using a Bullet Journal

The Advantages of Using a Bullet Journal

Let me just start by saying: bullet journaling is amazing.

It has completely transformed the way I plan and organise my day to day life. It’s an amazing tool that has helped me to corral all my to-do lists, notes and ideas into one place, and it has offered me peace of mind.

Bullet journaling is an amazing planning system that I I've been using for almost two years now, and I keep on talking about it to anyone that cares to listen! In 2016 I ordered my first Leuchtturm1917 and I haven’t looked back since!

So, why do I love this planning system so much? What makes it so special?

1 | You can customise it according to your needs

The first thing that makes bullet journaling unique is that it's a customisable system that can be adjusted to your needs and wants, and can be re-adjusted or changed whenever you want. Different people have different needs, so having a single planner layout to satisfy everyone is impossible. Now you can personalise your bullet journal and add only the spreads and pages that are important to you.

2 | Very easy system to use

Bullet journaling in it's core is a very basic and simple system, that is also very functional. People get intimidated and scared with all those fancy layouts they see online, but things couldn't be further from the truth! 

Join my FREE 5-day Email course and and I'll take you step by step through the basic original bullet journal system. I'll help you create very simple spreads, and I'll show you how this system works. All you need to start in one place.

3 | Everything can be organised in one notebook

I used to have 2-3 planners and notebooks for my daily planning, my journal and my notes. Plus let's not forget the numerous post-it notes that were literally everywhere! 

But that's not the case any more!  With my trusty bullet journal I was able to gather all my to-do lists, random slips of papers, notes, ideas, and recommendations into one place!

The advantages of using a bullet journal

4 | The Index helps you find everything 

The Index page is the core of your Bullet Journal. It's where you archive all your entries so that you can easily find them when needed.

However, not many people talk about the Index page and I know a lot of people neglect to fill in the entries as they create their spreads in their notebook. 

You should take advantage of the Index in your bullet journal. You can fill it in as you go along, and you can make it even more functional with these Index hacks.

5 | Flexible - can change from page to page

When you start bullet journaling, you usually find yourself being bombarded with various styles and ways of doing things. You get inspired by your favourite Instagram accounts, or from posts you find on facebook groups. And that's totally fine!

In the end, you'll figure out what works for you and what doesn't. It's a simple case of trial and error.

And that's another thing that I love about bullet journaling - it can change. 

If you try a spread one week and it doesn't work for you the way you thought it would, you can change it straight away. Simple!

The advantages of using a bullet journal

6 | It can be your creative outlet

Bullet journaling allows you to express your creativity in your journal and you can decorate it and personalise it the way you want.

You can draw, doodle, add quotes, practice your handwriting or do anything else you want! You can use it as your daily creative outlet.

For example, in addition to keeping track of your day, you can spend a few minutes here and there to add a little drawing or practice your handwriting by writing a quote on your page. It's also great to doodle a little as you plan the things for the day in your bullet journal.

The advantages of using a bullet journal

7 | It can be anything you want

Your bullet journal can be your notebook, your planner, your journal, your creative outlet or your to-do list. Or, if you want, it can be all those things and much more! 

8 | You can be part of an amazing online community

There is an amazing bullet journal community out there, ready to welcome you and help you along the way! 


Have you started bullet journaling yet? If yes, what do you love most about this planning system? Let me know in the comments below.