Bullet Journal Ideas: 4 Weekly Spread Layouts for December 2018

Bullet Journal: 4 Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

Happy December everyone! 🎄

I love this time of year! Everything is in Christmas and New Year’s spirit. Festive lights are being strung around the neighbourhood, holiday music is playing at my favourite shops, and the season of giving has definitely begun!

December marks a time of reflection while we enjoy all the lights, sounds and smells of the holidays. I really can’t believe that we're in the last month of the year. 2018 is coming to an end, and it has truly been an amazing year. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that were presented to me and all the amazing moments and memories I had the chance to create. But I’m also grateful for all the problems and difficulties that came up as well, because they made me come out of my comfort zone and try harder.

As always one of the things that I love to do in the beginning of each month is to plan my weekly spreads, so that I have them ready to fill in all the information, appointments etc. during the month. That way I save time and I have space to plan everything. The theme for this month is 'Gingerbread Cookies' and you can see how I've setup my bullet journal for the month in this post, or you can watch the video here

Weekly Spread Ideas for your Bullet Journal - December 2018 - christina77star

The first weekly spread is the one that I’ve been using for the past few months and I love! I kept it pretty simple with a few Gingerbread Cookies on top and red lines instead of black.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

For the second weekly spread I took an old layout that I’ve been using a lot, and made some modifications to change things up and make it even more useful. I added a section for weekly notes at the top and a mini calendar. I made the boxes for the weekend bigger and I also created a section with grey lines for each day. That section can be used in many ways: daily menu, top priority tasks, happy thought, appointments and so on. I haven’t decided yet what I'll use mine for 🤣 but I’m really happy with the result!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

The third weekly spread for December is a dutch door layout. I find this layout so functional and versatile, that I have to use it at least once each month! As I did in November, I used the section of the page that I cut off as my shopping list. That way I don’t waste any paper and it proved to be such a clever thing too, last month! 👏🏻 (you can even use it as your Xmas shopping list 😉)

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

I used mostly red and grey that adds so much colour and vibrance to the page! I love it! 😍 For the middle page section I created sections for the weekly meal plan and my exercise routine, at the front.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

And at the back I added boxes for this and next week’s notes and to-do lists.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

The fourth weekly spread is a very simple layout that turns very festive with the colours and the cute gingerbread man! Not much to say here. I’ve used this spread time and time again and I love the simplicity of it. It’s my go to weekly spread, when I don’t have too much time to be creative.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for December 2018

And the last weekly spread of the month is basically the same layout with the 4th one. However, I added less red lines and I created some sections for each day with the grey lines. I also skipped the notes section at the end, and I added the last day of the year, that falls on a Monday…! I wanted to include all the last days of 2018 in one weekly spread and this looks perfect to me!

So, these are the 5 weekly layouts for December and the very last of 2018! I hope you liked this post and that you found some inspiration for your own weekly layouts. If you liked the theme and you'd like to recreate it, please send me some pictures. I'd love to see your pages!! You can always contact me at christina77star@gmail.com