Plan With Me: My April Set Up in my Bullet Journal + Video


Time flies by... literally! I can't believe that March is almost over and April is fast approaching...! This time I tried to be prepared and setup my bullet journal quite early. I contemplated a bit on the theme for this month. I wanted it to be relevant to spring, but I didn't want any flowers and such. I wanted something different. So, I came up with a theme that's full of butterflies, bird houses, wooden signs and one air balloon! 

I'm really happy with the way the theme turned out. Though I'm not so happy with myself, because I made a few mistakes while I was planning. But, you just have to accept them, fix them as much as you can and move on... I've also kept most of the spreads the same with March, because they worked so well. Actually, March has been one of the most productive and focused months so far, and I really believe that my bullet journal helped a lot.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the post, because there's also a video, where I'm showing you exactly how I've created each spread.

April 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up.jpg

This is the first page of the month, and the hot air balloon I mentioned earlier. I think it turned out very cute and I also love the colours. I tried to use the same colours throughout the set up, focusing mainly on pastel green, beige and light grey. I have all the details of the products I've used for this setup at the end of this post. 

As you can see the mistakes started from the very first page! Oh, well...

April 2018 Montly Spread Bullet Journal Set Up.jpg

I kept the monthly spread layout the same. The separate boxes seem to work well. And for this month I started the layout from a Sunday, so that the whole month fits in the page. 

Montly Goals.jpg

Separating my monthly goals into two sections: personal and business, has proven very productive. It's such a simple layout but it does really work. And it helps me to focus on the things that matter.

April Focus 2018 Bullet Journal Setup.jpg

The next page is my monthly focus. I talked about this spread in my March Set Up

I found it in 'Your Best Year 2018' by Lisa Jacobs and I really really liked that idea, so I decided to added it in my bullet journal as well. These are my monthly objectives summarised in 5 categories that include Financial, Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Relational. 

These are the five pillars of a harmonic life, as taught in 'Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of attracting the life you want' by James Arthur Ray. And on this page you basically write what you want to improve during this month in each of those categories. It's just another way to help you focus more on specific areas of your life in order to move forward and make changes.

Areas of Focus April 2018.jpg

Moving forward, this is my areas of focus / tasks to complete spread. This worked so well in March, that I decided to keep it for April's layout as well.

It is inspired by 'Your Best Year 2018'. I like how Lisa helps you to organise your thoughts and what you have to do during the month. On the left hand page is the areas of focus, where I will write everything I want to do during April. Then I'll take it a step further and I will be more analytical by writing all the steps I need to take in order for everything to be done. After that, I will take those steps and I will group them as the tasks that need to be completed in the 4 weeks of the month. That way, I know exactly what I need to do each week in order to have a successful month, so that I will finish all my projects and tick off all the things from my to-do list.

April Finances bullet journal setup.jpg

Next comes my monthly finances spread, where I clearly made a mistake with the month!!! 🙄

I was so upset with myself, that I didn't even want to fix it. So, I left it as it is....  This is a very basic spread for my blog/work income and my expenses. I find that it's good to track your finances, and keep up with your money and how you spend it.

April 2018 Notes Bullet Journal Setup.jpg

As always I keep a notes page in my monthly layout. Such a useful page, that keeps all my random thoughts and notes.

I really really enjoyed filling in this spread last month, so of course I had to include it in April as well. This is my 'one line per day' spread where I basically try to write something every day. It is like a journal - it could be a thought, it could be something that happened during that day, a quote I liked or anything else I want to remember about that particular day.  

April 2018 weekly spread.jpg

And lastly my first weekly of the month (even though there is only one day of April in there!). This is where I mixed up the dates and I realised my mistake way too late... ðŸ˜Ē I tried to save it as much as I can, but it still shows. I'll admit that I was really tempted to stick the two pages together and make a new one, but I decided against that idea. You don't have to be perfect, and you have to accept that mistakes do happen. So, I kept the page and even though it's a bit messed up I've come to like it.

You can watch also the video here, to see exactly how I created each spread:

And that is one more month planned in my bullet journal. Have you finished your setup for April? What theme did you choose for this month? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you use the same theme like me, please send me a picture of it at